Installing Xeoma, the intelligent video surveillance system

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As mentioned earlier in a post, I was looking for a video system for my 4 Xiaomi Ants cams which doesn’t run on Windows or in the Cloud. Linux is the logical step, at least for me it is. I found the amazing Xeoma video surveillance software from FelenaSoft. The steps below describe the steps I took to install and configure Xeoma on a Debian 8 based VM running on Citrix Xen Server 6.5.

Installation is actually pretty easy, but not done in 1 second after download, like FelenaSoft claims 🙂

  • Logon to your system (Debian 8.x in my case without a GUI)
  • Use SU
  • Go to /root
  • wget http://felenasoft.com/xeoma/downloads/xeoma_linux.tgz
  • tar -xvzf xeoma_linux.tgz
  • ./xeoma.app -showpassword
  • Write down the shown password
  • ./xeoma.app -core

That’s it … I took me 5 times longer than FelenaSoft says on their webpage … LOL 😉

You are now able to connect to Xeoma using the Client. Wait?? Client?? Where can I find the client? FelenaSoft uses a very strange way for you to use the Client. You have to download the full Xeoma package and when you have it, add the text “_client” to the filename. So for example xeoma_win64_client.exe. When you run this file it will start the Xeoma client (btw this is the Windows example!)

The first time you start the client it will search for available camera’s on your network. It is best to cancel this right away since it is collecting the data for the local client, the one you just started.

Xeoma - Starting first time

You can cancel the searching bij clicking on the Searching for available cameras text.

Now we connect to the server where we installed the Xeoma server software. Click the menu icon.

Xeoma - Configure Remote Access

In the menu select Remote access.

Xeoma - Connect to

Select the Connect to option.

Xeoma - Connect to the server part of Xeoma

Enter your server information (Hostname or IP address) and I hope you wrote down the password voor the Xeoma server 🙂

Is this is the first time you’re connecting to the server (which it probably is if you’re following this post) the server will start searching for available cameras. If you are using the Trial version you will also see this every 4 hours.

Xeoma - Searching for available cameras

Can you spot the difference ?? 😉

If you are lucky, Xeoma will find some camera’s for you and show you them right away. If not, just click on the add icon (+), scroll down a bit and add the detected camera’s from there. This way you can also add non-detected camera’s or just add some random camera’s from the world 🙂

You will end up with something like this

Xeoma - Random Camera

If you click on the settings icon you will enter the settings for the selected camera. Here you can configure the flows that the camera image/video will go thru. You can for instance make flows for motion or sound detection or just make a schedule for recording.

Xeoma - Random Camera Settings

Although the interface of Xeoma looks pretty simple, you can do very complex stuff with it. It is really recommended to read the full manual which is available as a PDF download at http://felenasoft.com/xeoma/en/description/

Good luck with this amazing program!


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